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Bundle + Save - Breastfeeding Bundle

Bundle + Save - Breastfeeding Bundle

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(Bundle + Save) 

Set yourself up for feeding successful with this breastfeeding bundle. 

It has all the essentials you could need to start your breastfeeding journey right. You will want to stock up on the Nipple cream while you navigate attachment challenges in the first few days. The breast ice + heat packs provide comfort and/or relief to your breasts as you manage your milk supply. The Silicone Breast pump is both gentle and effective and why not invest in a reusable and eco-friendly milk storage bag. 

What's included:

- Pair of Breast Ice + Heat Packs 

- Organic Nipple Cream 

- Silicone Breast Pump + Stopper 

- Silicone Milk Storage Bag 

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