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Bundle + Save - C/Section Bundle

Bundle + Save - C/Section Bundle

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(Bundle + Save)

Looking to support your recovery post Caesarean section birth? 

Maximise your healing with these three products! The high-waisted briefs are super supportive and soft. The front insert allows you to put the ice pack onto your scar to reduce pain and swelling over the wound. The skin and scar oil is fast absorbing and deeply nourishing with the main aim to reduce the appearance of scarring. The organic formula is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids for healthy collagen and skin healing. 

The Postpartum briefs are available in sizes:  Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) + Extra Large (XL) 

The Scar oil works best for fully healed surgical wounds, stretch marks, and existing scars. Formulated for sensitive skin. Can be used on the vulva and perineum.

Postpartum Briefs - Reversible (Size)
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