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Ice Ice Booby

Perineal Remedial Ice + Heat Twin Pack

Perineal Remedial Ice + Heat Twin Pack

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Ice Ice Booby perineal remedial ice and heat packs help aid recovery from birth. The twin pack is convenient and reflects a multipurpose effect for pregnancy, labour birth and postpartum recovery. Ice therapy aims to reduce swelling and discomfort to optimise recovery from birth. Heat therapy can be used prior to perineal massage or during labour to reduce risk of perineal tears when pushing. 

This perineal pack comes as a set of two, so you can always have one ready to use!

Benefits of the Ice Ice Booby twin packs:

- Reusable 

- Easy to clean 

- Simple to heat and cool 

- Pliable when frozen 

- Two packs allow you to rotate the packs in between uses


Cold Therapy ~ Perineal Ice Pack (Freeze in freezer)

Designed to fit comfortably in your underwear, our perineal ice packs will help reduce pain and inflammation of your bits “down under” post childbirth. Our perineal ice packs will become your best friend in the 24-48 hours post childbirth.

Our frozen perineal pack can also provide relief from birth trauma, symphysis pubis dysfunction, vulval varicosities and haemorrhoids.

Heat Therapy ~ Warmed Perineal Pack (Heat in microwave or warm water)

When heated, our perineal strip can provide heat therapy during the second stage of labour to help the surrounding tissues stretch and reduce the risk of perineal trauma. A warmed perineal pack can also be used prior to antenatal perineal massage to help provide comfort and help the tissues to stretch.


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